This project is a small component count, generic 8 bit 10base-T Ethernet interface targeted at either an hc11 or an 8051 system.  The software includes a partial IP stack with support for UDP. The hardware been interfaced as examples to both hc11 and 8051 systems.


6 April 2002 - Software version 3.0 released includes 8051 support. 8051 code runs on multiplexed simmstick and IO mapped designs
4 February 2002 - SimmStick hardware prototype under development
25 December 2001 - Version 2.1 software released (see here for more details)

Hardware features

Interface Details

HC11 interface details

Simmstickô compatible 8051 interface details

Cygnal 8051 IO mapped interface details

Software features

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Discussion Group At Yahoo There is a discussion group for this project at Yahoo Groups.

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